Being Sober – Hour 14

Alright.  So I’ve decided not to drink for 2 months.  I figure a few things will happen.

1. I will save $7,632

2. There will be an alarming drop in revenue at the Stumble Inn

3.  I will lose 10 pounds without trying

4. I will spend less money on Vitamin Water, Advil, and late night pizza

5. Going to need something to occupy my time on Sundays.  I mean, how can Sunday = Funday if it does not involve 17 Bud Lights, 2 orders of wings, and deep fried Oreos?

6. I’ll most likely go to the gym a lot more

7. Maybe I’ll train for a race.  A half marathon sounds challenging.

8. What happens if the Pats make the Super Bowl?  Do I take a one day hiatus?

9.  Fuck, this overlaps with my birthday too.

10. This means no drinking after my football games this winter…..

So here I am 14 hours into this “being sober” thing.  Let’s so how it goes.   I already wish I were at a bar to watch the bowl games.  At least I made it to the gym.

Happy New Year to anyone who reads this.