Day 5 – sick

I got home last night at around 7:40 and felt sort of tired.  The next thing I know I am done watching “How I Met Your Mother” (One of the two best comedy series of the last ten years, Entourage is the other) and I have this horrible headache and I’m nearly falling asleep.  I put on an episode on “Mad Men” from ON Demand and can’t even finish it.  I’m asleep by 9:30.  For me this is uncharted territory.  I don’t fall asleep before 11 pm unless induced by a drinking coma from which I usually wake up and then go back out to continue drinking until around 3 am or so.   Either way, I woke up at 8:30 this morning (my alarm clock did not go off) and I decided that I need a day away from the office. 

So a few thoughts that I have:

1. Hmmmm. Stop drinking = getting sick?  withdrawal?  Just bad timing?  God’s way of punishing me?  I’m undecided, but I figured staying home today was the right call.

2. I registered for the New York City Half Marathon on March 21st.  It is a lottery, so I’m not sure if I’ll get in, but if I do I’m running it cause it cost $95.   I can think of about 432 other things that I would rather do than run 13.1 miles in the brutal cold of March at 7 am, but fuck it, I’m 27 (I’ll be 28 when the race takes place), I’m healthy, and I’ll be able to say that I’ve done it.

3. Gilbert Arenas – For those of you who don’t know, he was one of the better NBA players in the league until he came down with some injuries.  He signed a 6 year $111,000,000 contract in July of 2008.  Now you would think that with all that money (we aren’t even including endorsements) he would have the common sense not to bring not 1, not 2, not 3, but FOUR hand guns to work with him. Yes, a man who can afford as much private security as he could ever need, brought FOUR guns to work.  He says they were not loaded, but let’s think about this…..Can you imagine what would happen if I brought a gun to work?  I would be fired on the spot, if not arrested AND I would deserve it.  How on earth can this guy get away with that?  There are 14 year old kids in the DC projects that look up to this guy and that is the worst part.  It is beyond dumb and he should be fired from his job and his $111,000,000 contract should be voided.

4. I did go to the gym last night immediately after work…’s a real sight the first Monday after New Years.  Lots of “big boned” individuals half assing it.  At least I know they won’t be there two Mondays from now.   Incidentally, these are the same people who will most likely find themselves on a litany of prescription medications that in some way I will be paying for with my tax dollars/insurance premiums in the next 20 years.  

5. Mad Men or Dexter?  I can’t decide which is better….

6. I’m still staring at the large pile of clothes in front of my closet.  I would like to light a match and be done with it, but I’m pretty sure showing up to work in my Under Armour sweats and hoodie would not go over well.  Not even on casual Friday.

7. First game of Zog football winter season is Sunday at noon.  I’m beyond excited for it. 

Thinking about going to Bed, Bath, and Beyond today…..but, I’m not sure if there will be enough time.  No seriously, I need a Swiffer and a couple new pillows…..