Day 6 – Cleaning Up

Staying home yesterday afforded me the opportunity to go through some of the boxes that I have been moving from place to place for the last 6 years starting with Delaware.  Some of it I have been hauling since I lived in the frat house at Delaware.  Since then I have lived in 6 other apartments/houses.  I figured it was time to purge these boxes along with the rest of the garbage that has been accumulating in my apartment for the last couple of years. Here’s what I found.

1. Old, old, old fraternity pictures.  The kind that you would prefer your current employer not see.

2. Old girlfriend stuff – if it were ok to burn things in New York City I would have, but the shredder made due.

3. Two tins of Skoal.  I don’t even chew tobacco???

4. A gift receipt for Tiffany’s.   I decided if you need to get a gift receipt when giving a girl Tiffany ANYTHING, you most likely should not be with her in the first place.  Luckily it was not needed.

5. The only picture I know with me and both of my Great Grandparents.  I was really happy to find that.

6. What in the hell do I do with 120 mid to late 90’s gangster rap and alternative music CD’s????

7. The “schedule” from Summit Park.  It was the aparment complex where I lived in Philadelphia.  There was a bar IN THE APARTMENT COMPLEX.  They had a different special every night.  Not to mention $1 drafts all day everyday.  (a tear just came to my eye)

8. Books from college.  English Lit type books.  I don’t want the throw them away.  Maybe I’ll give them to a homeless person to sell on the street or to burn to keep warm.

9. A lot of things that had expired. Vitamins, cold medicines, condoms……. they all got thrown out.

Amongst all of that I began going through my closet in order to give things to the GoodWill.  There are now two piles of clothes on my floor.    While “cleaning”  my apartment  got much messier. 

As for the original purpose of the blog: yep, still not drinking. It isn’t all that hard once you get into a routine.  I have a nasty headache this morning and still not feeling all that great.  I thought energy levels were supposed to go up without drinking? (as I was writing that last sentence….   I realized I haven’t had any coffee this morning……..and, no, I’m not quitting that too. )