Day 8

by agoodnow

This whole being sober thing sucks.  For example, last night I typically would have gone to the Stumble Inn, drank a few beers, ate some wings, and watched the game.  Instead, I went to the gym, got home, cooked for myself, watched the game, then went to bed and read a book.    Now which of those is more fun?  If your answer is anything other than Stumble Inn then you are out of your mind.

I found out today that I have been accepted  into the 2010 NYC half marathon.  So thats………..good.   I guess I should start training for this thing.  I think step one is lose 10 pounds.  It will be easier to move without being weighed down so much.   Ok, maybe 15………

Took the most useless test in the world yesterday. A 50 question test on annuities.  I don’t need to say anything more about that.

Some woman got mad at me on the subway today.  I guess she thought that the subway was her personal transit system on weekday mornings.  Unfortunately for her,  it is not.  Here the best part, I did not bump into, touch, or speak to this woman in any form.   I wanted to say “Yeah lady, my goal today was to make it difficult for you to get off of the train this morning. ”  Even after she got upset I just ignored her.  People like that do not deserve a response.

Big sports weekend.  Between the NFL games and my own football team, “Snatches and Catches”,   starting up it should be  a great weekend.  Unless Snatches and the Pats lose.  In which case I may just fall off the wagon.

Enjoy your weekend and please, have one for me.