by agoodnow

Apparently “Cake Boss”  is on TLC and not The Food Network.   Sorry to anyone that offended. (Not really)

I went to bed last night at 10 pm and did not fall asleep until 2:15 am.  I read, I turned on the radio, I watched TV, and I could not fall asleep.   Maybe I should have counted sheep.  Perhaps taken some night time cold medication.  At around 1:30 I was considering all of my options.  I always have a tough time falling asleep on Sundays.  I would have thought that eliminating caffeine  would help me fall asleep, but it hasn’t.  I did, however, sleep through the night. 

Every day after the first football season of the year I discover another muscle group I did not know I had.   I’m getting old.

I saw two women yelling at each other on the sidewalk today.  A really big one and a really little one.  Lots of finger waving.

As I walked by the Hospital for Special Surgery this morning a kid walks outside with a man who I assume is his grandfather and the kid exclaims “Damn yo, it is tight cold up in this piece”   I think what he was trying to say was, “Grandfather, it is unseasonably cold this morning here in the marvelous city of Manhattan”……………….The only thing that could have made the statement better is if his grandfather had told him to speak English.

I got thrown under the bus at work this morning (again)………..It was not a good way to start my Monday.   And frankly, I’m not very happy about it.