Day 12 – Fat kid who can’t sleep

by agoodnow

After 12 days and an estimated reduction of 14,000 beer calories  I have lost exactly ZERO pounds.  Nada.  Zip. I’m talking fat kid style over here.   That is mildly worrisome.  I usually drop weight without any problems at all.  I once lost 33 pounds in 6 weeks.  And now this.  Once I begin training for the half marathon  I should drop some weight.  If not I’ll start eating ice cream day and night because if I’m going to be fat, I plan on enjoying it.

Must be my diet because I am working out every day.  Maybe I need to start drinking coffee in the mornings to get the metabolism going.  I won’t bore anyone with the details of what I eat on a daily basis, but it isn’t bad (think yogurt, salad, and grilled chicken).  This is mildly concerning to me.  


After watching the episode of Mad Men where the elevator “stops working” and they have to walk up to their office,  I decided to walk double the number of flights of my office.  Just to make sure I can do it incase there is another blackout or something like that.   It got me thinking…there are people in my office that would not be able to make it up or DOWN the 12 flights of stairs.  That’s sort of scary.  I do work in a building that is probably as much of a target for terrorism as any in the city.   I think that in order to work in a high-rise building a person should have to be able to walk up to their floor.  It just makes sense. 


Sarah Palin and Fox News???? Come on……you could make a drinking game out of how many times she insinuates Obama is a foreign born terrorist.  


I love the show “Life After People”  It showed my office collapsing after only 150 years.  That does not make me feel too good about the structural integrity of my building.  According to the show it is also susceptible to fires.  Hmmm


Hoping to fall asleep before 2 am tonight.  I have no clue why I can’t sleep, I’m ready to go to my doctor (who happens to be loose with the ole prescription pad) and ask him for some Ambian.