Day 13- Lasers and chiropractors

by agoodnow

Went to the chiropractor today.  The guy stretches my neck past my shoulder.  It’s a little uncomfortable.   I like the place I go to .  They have fruit and bottled water sitting in the waiting room and they make fresh baked cookies.  What I don’t get is that this place is supposed to be a wellness and healthy living center.  What’s up with the cookies.  Most of the people who roll into the place are obese, have chronic pain, and this is their last resort because “regular medicine”  can not cure them.  How about getting rid of the cookies.  I can guarantee that most of these people could stand to lose 70 pounds.  Gee,  your back hurts?  Well then maybe it has to do with the forty pounds of fat hanging from your stomach? 

When I started going to the wellness center the doctor showed me a laser that you can shine on your stomach and it will actually melt the fat away.   He then told me about how it leaves your body and I asked him to stop talking.   Doesn’t that sounds kind of scary.  Shining a laser on your stomach that melts fat away.  If it is melting fat, what else is it melting?  I don’t know about you, but my liver has been through enough without going all Star Wars on it.   How is that helping someone become healthier?  Maybe eat a vegetable, an apple, perhaps drink some water?  Regardless, I get my chiropractic adjustment every couple of weeks and avoid them trying to up sell me.  


Probably going to see Avatar this weekend.  By now the theatres will not be crazy packed.  I have heard nothing but good things from everyone who has seen it.


Haiti.      That country is now sub 3rd world.   Everything I have seen and read is scary.