Day 13 – “N” word, football, running

by agoodnow

I’m in the locker room at the gym and  a few guys were getting dressed back into their street clothes.  They were talking about a friend of theirs who they were upset with.  I must have heard them say the “N” word 45 times in two minutes.   It got to the point where even I was offended by their language.  That takes a lot. 

Here is the kicker.  They were not even black.  Hispanic of some sort I think.  Now imagine if that had been me.  Sitting there talking to one of my friend dropping “N” bombs all over the place.  People would be aghast.  I would not blame them.  I would also most likely get hit in the face, but someone who is not white decides to use the “N” word and its acceptable? 

I then go up to the weight room where there are two black men lifting some really heavy weight.  One is spotting for the other and is yelling at his from “Come on ‘N Word’, come on….lift that shit ‘N Word'”  I was in disbelief that they would not only talk to each other this way, but that they were screaming it in the middle of the gym. 

My argument here is that I think that everyone should have the right to be offended by that word just the same as anyone of any other race, color, or creed.  It is amazing to me that anyone who would feel offended by the use of that word would ever speak it.  It is the peak of ignorance.  When I hear people speaking like that I have zero respect for them.   It is sad.  


On to more pleasant observations:

Today was the first day that I felt like I had more energy. 

I have been running at an 8 minute mile pace on the treadmill.  I will increase the amount of time by a minute every day.  That way I can ease into running at a decent pace.  My normal pace is about a 9 minute mile so I hope this helps me improve upon that.

I am reading New Yorker magazine.  Excellent writing.  I wish I had started reading it when I first moved here. Has some writing and stories that are unique to New York.

I like not having a car.  It makes life easier and less expensive.

Can not wait for my football game on Saturday. 

If I’m a betting man, I would pick the Cowboys to win the Super Bowl.  They look like they are getting hot at the right time. Not a huge fan of theirs.  Just calling it how I see it.