Day 14 – Delaware, office exchanges

by agoodnow

I play tackle football twice a year. Thanksgiving with my buddies from high school.  Founder’s Day weekend with my fraternity brothers.    Founder’s Day is a mere 6 weeks away.  I can not wait.  I sit at a desk for 8 hours a day (assuming I’m not traveling), my  apartment is the size of one of my bedrooms growing up, and I live among 6 million people in the most densely populated city in the country.  A little contact football might do me some good.

It’s fun, but  I rarely go to Delaware anymore.  It has lost most of its attraction to me.  If I want to drink cheap beer at a crowded dive bar, I’ll go to the Stumble Inn.  That and I’m ten years older than a lot of the people there.  I spent my four and a half years there.  That was plenty. Of course, when I’m down there on Feb. 27th all bets are off.  Football and then my first night of drinking in 2 months.  I’m glad 23 oz. beers are only $2.25 in Delaware.

It will be great to see everyone, but with the advent of facebook, I already know what’s going on in most people’s lives.  That just means less time catching up and more time drinking and enjoying ourselves and that’s just fine by me.


I was walking down the hallway of my office, I saw someone I know

“Hey Andrew, how are you”

“Good, and you?”

“I”m good.  Have a nice day”

“You too”

I have that exchange 10 times a day.  I roll my eyes  every time.