Day 15 – tourists, salmon, football

by agoodnow

Surprisingly not sore at all after playing basketball.  It is a testament to my superior athletic conditioning.   Or something like that.

Listening to the Dan Patrick Show.  I like it.

Just drew up a few football plays.  The offense must run better this week or I’ll flip out.

The apartment next door to me is rented out like a hotel.   I do not like tourists coming in and out of my building at all hours of the night.  Sometimes they are loud or have small kids.  It’s just a pain in the ass.   Blanket statement: I do not like tourists.

I wore my wool hat this morning and now I look like I have bed head.  I have had to go to the bathroom to put water on my head twice to look like less of a scrub.  If my hair keeps sticking up I’m just going downstairs to the gym and taking a shower.

I forgot to take the salmon out of the freezer before I left my apartment this morning.  I was really looking forward to salmon tonight.  I’m pissed. 

I’m thinking about shaving for the first time in a month tonight. Maybe not, I can’t decide.

Here are my football picks for this weekend:

Cowboys over the Vikings – Favre is old.  The Cowboys are hot and they are due for some postseason success.

Chargers over the Jets – The Jets are a scary team, don’t get me wrong, but the Chargers are at home, coming off a bye week.   If the Jets win, I’m officially going into panic mode.  The Yankees and the Jets winning championships in one year would be too much for me to handle. 

Ravens over Colts – Mark my words.  The Ravens are getting hot, their D is old but they have been there.  I tend not to bet against Ray Lewis, as he once killed a man by stabbing him in the heart.  He then got back into his limo as if nothing had happened.  The man has ice in his veins.   It’s tough to go against Manning, but after that team gave up for a perfect season I think they have lost their edge.  Should be a great game.

Cardinals over Saints – Saints have looked horrible in their last 3 games. Maye the bye week will do them good.  But I’ve gotta go with Warner.  The man just knows how to win in the playoffs.  Another close game with a lot of scoring.  41-38.  It could come down to a missed field goal at the end of the game.