It's All Goodnow……

Day 17- Note to self

Note to self:


You can not pick football games.  Do not try to do it ever again.   Although, perhaps I will pick the Jets for next weekend in an attempt to jinx them. 

Pick for next weekend:  Jets over Indy in a nail biter. 

So glad I stayed in tonight instead of watching the games at a bar.

Day 17

Inglorious Bastards:  If you have not seen this movie.  Do it.  Very well told story. 

Watching Snakes on a Plane.  How did I not see this earlier?  Spectacular and tacky all in one.

Lost my football game this week.  We gave up 27  points in the first half.  Our defense was just atrocious.  We had no offense until the second half.  We made a comeback in the second half, but it was too little too late.  I did, however score my first touchdown.  That was cool, but meant nothing due to the fact that we lost. 

I’m 0-2 in my NFL picks thus far this weekend.   If I were a betting man, I’d look at my picks from Friday and do the opposite.   The Saints played like they were possessed.  The Ravens had one game in them and that was it. 

This weekend’s diet has been Chinese food, ice cream, and wings.  I am the picture of healthy living.

Day 17 without drinking.  This would typically be a wonderful weekend of drunken disaster.  A long weekend with playoff football.  I can not think of a better reason to drink outside of a drinking holiday, a wedding, or your birthday. 

I had some caffeine for the first time in a 10 days.  Still no coffee in the mornings.  I think I’ll try to go 2 weeks without coffee in the morning. 

Formal half marathon training begins next weekend.  I’m not excited, I’m not happy about it, but I know I am able to do it and this is one of those things that I want to be able to say that I’ve done.   Cross it off the list.

Football is almost on.  Lord, if you are up there.  Let’s go Chargers.  Please do not subject me to another week of dumb Jets fans running their loud mouths.  Thanks.