It's All Goodnow……

Half Marathon is 61 days away

The half marathon is only 61 days away.   Decided to bump up the training schedule a little.  Ran for 31 minutes tonight.  Felt good.  Was not tired and did not get tight.  With another 60 days to train, I think I might be able to break 2 hours.  I’m dedicating myself to this.  


I need to work for myself.  It would make getting out of bed in the morning worthwhile.  Right now I’m just working for a paycheck.  A paycheck that affords me to lead a pretty decent lifestyle in Manhattan, but I do not feel like I am working toward anything bigger than what I’m doing now.  I need that motivation.  

A good buddy of mine was just recognized as the national sales rep of the year.  I was incredibly happy for him.  He certainly deserved it.  It also made me realize that my job does not have that form of recognition tied to it.  Not even a clear path of promotion.  I’m going to have to do something about that.


I wrote a number of how much money I would save by not drinking. Well, I actually wrote out the numbers taking in the following factors:

Weekly drinks, cabs, late night food, and tipping.

Sunday Funday- $75

2 six packs- $22

One Irish Pub Happy Hour-$40

Night at Stumble Inn – $30 (this is on the low side, perhaps dollar beer night)

Weekend – $130

Cabs, food, ect. $50

Total for 2 months of not drinking: $2,600……That’s fucking scary.


Jay is better than Conan.  He appeals to a broader base.  The whole 10 pm thing was the worst idea ever.     Conan is going to get paid $40,000,000 to NOT be the host of the Tonight Show.  I would take 1/40th of that to not work and be quite happy.  Let me hold my tears back while the millionaire talk show hosts bicker.


My phone has become an adventure in technology.  The thing has  mind of its own at this point.  Today it went to silent mode on its own.  The alarm also did not work this morning.  Wonderful.


I think I’m going to go one week without the following:

Facebook, the use of my cell phone outside of my apartment, or my blackberry.  I have way too much contact with technology.  I think it will be healthy to shed the constant communication that all of these mediums allow.


I have now lost 4 pounds in the last 19 days.  I was expecting a lot more, but now my pants aren’t so tight. 

Feeling a little less fat everyday.

Day 19 – At least its not Monday

I woke up this morning feeling pretty good.  Then I realized that I had to go to work and it has been downhill from there.   That being said, I feel that I have mastered the art of getting ready for work in the morning.  I can shower, dress, watch the weather on NY 1, and eat in about 22 minutes.   From the time I got out of bed this morning to the time I sat at my  desk it was a total of 58 minutes. 

On my way to work, I barely missed a very crowded 6 train only to have an empty train pull up 30 seconds later.  I’ll take that deal any day of the week.   To me that is the equivalent to taking a limo to work.

Things I am excited about today:


Running for 26 minutes on the treadmill  (ie, not being a fat kid)

Rewriting a couple of scenes from the screenplay when I get home

Finishing an article written by Woody Allen

Winning Mega Millions

Things I am not looking forward to today:

Jets fans

Running 26 minutes on the treadmill (yes, you can both like and dislike something at the same time)

Fixing my IPod – It won’t charge

Looking for new furniture for my apartment (coffee table and a dresser) 

Over the weekend I had some caffeine.  Still no coffee.  I’m thinking that should end soon.  I genuinely miss the taste, smell, and the overall concept of drinking coffee.  Right down to the burning sensation in my stomach.

Thinking about going on a 5 day fruit and vegetable diet next week.   Still on the fence with that one.  I’m all for a healthy lifestyle, but I think that could just end up being painful with the amount of detox my body would go through.  The last time I tried doing one of those I lasted 3 days before I was so sick that I had to eat a chicken cutlet sandwich and drink a Snapple.   I was literally dizzy and ill.  Made me wonder how bad the food I eat is when I spent 3 days eating healthy and my body went into toxic shock.  

Maybe I’ll just try 5 days without meat.  I think that’s a good start.