Day 19 – At least its not Monday

by agoodnow

I woke up this morning feeling pretty good.  Then I realized that I had to go to work and it has been downhill from there.   That being said, I feel that I have mastered the art of getting ready for work in the morning.  I can shower, dress, watch the weather on NY 1, and eat in about 22 minutes.   From the time I got out of bed this morning to the time I sat at my  desk it was a total of 58 minutes. 

On my way to work, I barely missed a very crowded 6 train only to have an empty train pull up 30 seconds later.  I’ll take that deal any day of the week.   To me that is the equivalent to taking a limo to work.

Things I am excited about today:


Running for 26 minutes on the treadmill  (ie, not being a fat kid)

Rewriting a couple of scenes from the screenplay when I get home

Finishing an article written by Woody Allen

Winning Mega Millions

Things I am not looking forward to today:

Jets fans

Running 26 minutes on the treadmill (yes, you can both like and dislike something at the same time)

Fixing my IPod – It won’t charge

Looking for new furniture for my apartment (coffee table and a dresser) 

Over the weekend I had some caffeine.  Still no coffee.  I’m thinking that should end soon.  I genuinely miss the taste, smell, and the overall concept of drinking coffee.  Right down to the burning sensation in my stomach.

Thinking about going on a 5 day fruit and vegetable diet next week.   Still on the fence with that one.  I’m all for a healthy lifestyle, but I think that could just end up being painful with the amount of detox my body would go through.  The last time I tried doing one of those I lasted 3 days before I was so sick that I had to eat a chicken cutlet sandwich and drink a Snapple.   I was literally dizzy and ill.  Made me wonder how bad the food I eat is when I spent 3 days eating healthy and my body went into toxic shock.  

Maybe I’ll just try 5 days without meat.  I think that’s a good start.