Day 20- The upsides

by agoodnow

Only 37 more days to go.  It’s amazing how all I needed to do was to get into a routine of not drinking.  I’ve replaced the bar with the gym.  I’ve replace bar tabs with grocery shopping. I’ve replaced throwing my clothes all over my floor when stumbling in after a night of drinking with coming home, hanging up my clothes and making dinner.  I’ve replaced advil with eating real breakfast.   Replaced burrito lunches with salads (this is significant because of where the “burrito lunches” would take place)

I have also noticed that I get to the subway station from my apartment faster now.  The walk has been much less painful.  

The amount of fat under my chin has dwindled.  I like that.  No really, that alone is a reason not to drink.

I am sleeping through the night.

All of my pants fit again.

My bank account sent me the same thank you letter that my liver sent.  It likes having funds.

I have more energy throughout the day.


Late night television has been ridiculously funny.  Conan, Letterman, Kimmel are all on fire.  I haven’t laughed so hard watching late night TV in a long, long time.


I forgot to take the salmon out of the freezer AGAIN!  Fuck, I really want to eat that salmon.