It's All Goodnow……

Happy Hour- Not so happy

I went to happy hour last night.  It was not happy and I did not last an hour.  When asked by someone at the table why I wasn’t drinking, my deadpan response was, “Court ordered”.  Some people laughed and others gave me a strange look as if to say “well, that’s the only reason that a person would ever not drink so maybe this guy really does have a problem”  It made for an akward silence.  You know, the kind where a person would normally drink to ease the tension at the table.  Nope, not me.  I just sat there…..the guy who wasn’t drinking. 

I was able to snag a few items from the sampler on the table.  A half of a chicken finger, a mozzarella stick, and 2 of the hottest wings ever.  It was so hot that I wanted to lick the outside of someone’s beer glass to cool off my mouth.   Luckily I was able to refrain as that might be the most creepy thing I can think of doing in public………maybe not, but it’s up there.

After 45 minutes I’d had about enough hanging out and not drinking.   I took my gym bag and went home.   Everyone was sad to see the sober guy leave. 


Watching Conan….dude looks pretty pissed.  I know how depressed I’d be to get paid $45 m not to work.  Pee Wee Herman just showed up (you know, the guy who got caught jerking off in an adult theatre)  He is now playing with a stuffed giraffe.  Let’s see what Letterman is up to..


Conan has a horse wearing a mink Snuggie on his show.   How did NBC ever let this guy go?

Day 21 – 3 weeks for those who can’t do math

Today makes 3 feel weeks sober.  I am a mere 36 days from my goal.   Today would have been a great night to enjoy a cold beer.  I have no idea why, but when I got home I  wanted a beer.  Just one of those things.   Instead, I ate a salad. 

In exciting news I now have a coffee table.  My uncle who lives in the city had a coffee table that he didn’t use.  Score.  It adds a whole new dimension the eating on my couch experience.  Now instead of placing my drink on the floor while I meticulously balance a plate on my knee I can just put them both on the table.  My laptop my longer needs to sit on my lap (I hear it is not good for certain male functions to place excessively hot electronics near your………)

I’m going back to coffee tomorrow.  I’m going with the varsity size.  It’s going to be the largest cup of coffee the world has ever seen.  I may just brew the coffee, throw in some milk and drink straight out of the pot while watching the morning news.   My guess is that I’ll actually jump out of bed tomorrow morning and run to my coffee machine.

On a related note Starbucks is increasing the price of some of their drinks.  Cause ummmm…..if you are dumb enough to pay $4.28 for your morning latte, you’re probably dumb enough to pay $5.66. 

I need new glasses.  Might as well take care of that next week.  My lens are all nicked up.

I am also due for my yearly physical.  A little worried about this.  The last time I went in I passed out while they were taking my blood and my hand turned bright purple.  Hopefully someone who knows what he/she is doing will stick me with a needle this time.

This morning I had a meeting in the South Bronx.  Luckily it was at 10:30.   I didn’t quite fit in wearing a suit.  Although once I got to the client (it was a hospital) the staff was as polite as I have ever met.  It was as if I was in South Carolina with the hospitality.  Truly eye opening.  ( I still won’t go back to that location in the dark)

Just saw an ad for “The Marriage Ref”  This has potential to be the funniest show ever.   What is funnier than married people arguing?  I have several friends that could qualify for that show.   The best part about writing this is that half of my buddys’ wives will ask “You don’t mean me, right?’ 

Sports talk radio in NYC is awful.  Jets fans are so happy that they are calling the radio shows and yelling at the hosts.   Just angry, angry people.  Your team is in the AFC championship game.  Just enjoy it.

I have my tickets to “Tooth Fairy”.  Can’t wait for that.  I think I’ll take a long lunch so I can catch the matinée.

If you watched the season finale of Jersey Shore tonight….just remember, you will never get that half hour back. (or is it an hour?  If so, even worse)

I’m ready to start my own company.  Let’s get some ideas going.