Day 22

2 cups of coffee this morning.  I feel like I could run through a wall.  

I have a crazy weekend planned: Gym, screenplay, 5 mile run, trip to Port Chester, football game, reffing a football game, and then watching football games.  It is a wild and crazy life I lead. 


I finally remembered to remove the salmon from the freezer. 


Started reading the book “Lost Souls”  last night.  About an Irish family in South Boston.  Very depressing, but the story is well told.   Interesting insight into the culture of white poverty.  Something that is, very often, overlooked.   After the first 35 pages, I’m glad that I lived in the Italian section of Boston growing up.

So this got me thinking about Boston and living there for some of my more formative years.  Most memorable things from living in the North End of Boston:

1. I have never lived in a place where your neighbors had a genuine interest in your well-being.  To this day some of the most solid people I have ever known have come from the North End.   I always felt safe there. 

2. I went to Catholic school for 3 of the 4 years there.  It was a safe, close-knit school.  I wore a shirt and tie everyday.  To this day I can remember getting toothpaste stains on my tie. 

I once put a fake cockroach in a girl’s desk.  She screamed.  It was hysterical.  

 We got every holy day off from school and half days the last Friday of every month. 

3. I said I went to Catholic school for 3 of the 4 years.  I went to public school for one year.  I was the only white male in my class.  The first day it was like the scene in Animal House where the white frat boys walk into the black bar.  The music stopped and everyone stared.   It was horrible.   The teacher would leave for a smoke break every morning for 20 minutes and the kids would get up and fight.  This was in second grade.  It was the first place I heard the “N” word.   8 year old kids.  I can remember the first time I got beat up because I was white.   I didn’t get it at the time, but I suppose it has given me a slightly jaded view of how people view each other.  Were they jealous, angry, or did they just hate the color of my skin?  I wish I could ask.

I ended up making friends with an Asian kid in my class (Johnny Doe…..looking back his parents must have been illegal…who names their kid John Doe?).   

On a funnier note:  Guess who played Frosty the Snowman in the Christmas pageant?   For a week everyone in the school called me Frosty.   

 To this day I have no clue what my parents were thinking sending me to that school.   

4. Fenway Park.  Went to 20 or so Sox games a year

5. Playing baseball on the waterfront. The field looks out over the USS Constitution.   Not many Little League fields with that view.

6. Italian ice vendors

7. My friends yelling up to my apartment window – no intercom, no cell phones.   Just yelling. 

I’m sure I’ll think of more, but that’s what comes to mind.