Day 23 – 8 miles

by agoodnow

I’m a little tired.  Ran 8 miles this afternoon.  Ran from my apartment to the park, then the loop in the park, and back to my apartment.  I was running around 9:10 minute miles.  Not great, but a good pace to log in some miles on my first “long run”.   

I am positive that eating better and not drinking helped.  My energy levels are through the roof.  

I am starving.  I’m about to eat my third meal in the last 45 minutes. 

Getting ready to go to Port Chester for the evening.  I usually would start drinking right now and then have another 3 beers on the train, but tonight I think I’ll be hitting the Vitamin Water.  Maybe eat a Cliff Bar if I decide to spice things up.

Conan’s last show was interesting.  I thought he went out in a classy way by thanking NBC and giving them credit for helping his career in different capacities.  It was good to see that even though he got a raw deal he left on a high note.  There is a lesson to be taken from how he left his job.