It's All Goodnow……

Being old..

Officially an old man.  I fell asleep for two hours during the Saints v. Vikings game.  It must have been the food coma from the greasy bar food.  Luckily I didn’t miss much.  Saw the 1st and 4th quarters, the only ones where anything major happened. 

Brett Favre took a beating.  Old school.  He got hit every which way.  How a 40 year old can stand up to such a pounding, I have no idea.   I can not imagine him returning next year.  Oh, the last throw of his career….I bet he wishes he has that one back.  That was terrible.  I bet he cries during the post game press conference. 

The game is still going on.  NFL overtime football is a joke.  

40 yard field goal: Done. (It has not taken place yet, but this is in the bank.)

My first correct prediction of the NFL playoffs.

Places it would be fun to be right now: Bourbon St.

I hope anyone who reads this has an easy, non-hungover, and hassle free commute type of a Monday.

Day 24

24  days without drinking.  At this point I’m on auto pilot.  Drinking isn’t something I’m thinking about like I was before my experiment with sobriety.  Now and again I would love a beer, but it isn’t something that I am drawn to at 6 o’clock every night.  

Weekend highlights:

Birthday party.  There were cupcakes.  I ate several of them.  I also drank an Arnold Palmer.  It was delicious.

Running 8 miles and still being able to walk today.  I am mostly excited about the being able to walk part.

Winning my football game 52-13.  We lit it up.  The team played great.  Our defensive was sick after last weeks disaster.  Great rebound.  The only thing that would make me happier is a better completion percentage in converting our extra points.   Let’s hope we can keep that up through next week.

The Jets losing.  They had an amazing year.  A first year coach and a rookie QB making it to the AFC championship game.  Not bad.  But thank God I do not have to listen to Jet fans on sports talk radio this week.   I had to change the station that my alarm clock plays in the morning.  It was  a terrifying way to start the day. 

I ate chicken fingers parmesan at the bar today while watching the Jets v. Colts game.  They were delicious.  Absolutely delicious.  I think I deserved them and the 3,200 calories  after all the running etc.

Realizing that there are far too many Giants fans who root for the Jets if the Jets are in the playoffs.  Pick a fucking team and stick with it.  Otherwise you are bandwagon riding jerkoff.  It would be like me saying “Oh, the Patriots lost in the first round….well, I’ve been to both Indianapolis and New Orleans.  I’m rooting for both of  them.”  Makes me just a little happier the Jets lost.


There was a line outside of a bar last night because the cast of Jersey Shore was there.  The bar had a $10 cover.  This is $10 to go to a bar where 8 nobody morons happen to be drinking.   If you were standing in that line you should not be allowed to procreate.  Plain and simple.     How in the fuck do we glorify these people?  If you want the bridge and tunnel crowd just go to Tin Lizzie (ie Tin Jersey) and you can do all the fist pumping you want with as many juiced up, insecure D-Bags as you can possibly endure.


Work is going to suck this week.  I am thinking about taking a vacation day on Friday.


I got jury duty………on my birthday.  You have got to be kidding me.  Of all the days I would like to drink.  That’s the one.  Feb. 3rd will be the real test of if I can make it the full 57 days.