Being old..

by agoodnow

Officially an old man.  I fell asleep for two hours during the Saints v. Vikings game.  It must have been the food coma from the greasy bar food.  Luckily I didn’t miss much.  Saw the 1st and 4th quarters, the only ones where anything major happened. 

Brett Favre took a beating.  Old school.  He got hit every which way.  How a 40 year old can stand up to such a pounding, I have no idea.   I can not imagine him returning next year.  Oh, the last throw of his career….I bet he wishes he has that one back.  That was terrible.  I bet he cries during the post game press conference. 

The game is still going on.  NFL overtime football is a joke.  

40 yard field goal: Done. (It has not taken place yet, but this is in the bank.)

My first correct prediction of the NFL playoffs.

Places it would be fun to be right now: Bourbon St.

I hope anyone who reads this has an easy, non-hungover, and hassle free commute type of a Monday.