Day 25

by agoodnow

What are nasty rainy day.  It is also 55 degrees on January 25th.  I’ll take the good with that bad.

The wind is blowing so hard that my office building is swaying and the walls are creeking.   It is not a very safe feeling, but at least I’m on the 12th floor and not the 56th.

I am amazed that I’m not in pain today.  On days after I play football I’m usually hurting.  Not so much today.  Feel great.   I was going to take today off from the gym, but maybe I’ll hit the EFX for a half hour and lift a little. 

I need to plan a vacation.  Not sure where yet.   Someplace tropical.  Perhaps where I can drink lots of margaritas and Coronas.  Play some beach volleyball.  Read on the beach.  Just relax.   I’ll play Mega Millions tomorrow and hope that I can buy my own island.

Always looking for some good book suggestions.  If you have any please list them in the comments section.

Just had a 38 minute meeting with my boss in what supposed to be 2 hours.  I’m efficient.