Glue, gym, street carts

by agoodnow

I’m on the subway this evening, reading my New Yorker magazine.  As I am standing I notice that my shoe is stuck to the floor.  I realize just how gross it is, but I simply lifted my foot every 20 seconds or so to make sure my foot did not become permanently glued.  Cause that would suck.  So I’m doing my dance trying to keep from staying stuck and I’m reading a great article about our instant media culture.  The premise was that  journalists no longer have the luxury of being thoughtful because of the volume and speed that news must be presented today.  As I’m done with the article I look up and…………….I’m at 77th St.   I have entirely missed my stop.  So I go to get off the train and my foot is stuck.  So I tug at it and a small piece of the subway comes with me.  That was the first time I have ever missed my stop on any train, ever.  It could have been worse.  And for the record, some asshole spilled/put/poured super glue to the floor of the subway car…hence, the stuck foot.  Just wonderful.

Yet another woman wearing only a sports bra at the gym this evening.  I am noticing a common theme.  They all use the same cardio equipment.  The stairmaster.  They just get on that thing and jiggle.  Would it be wrong to suggest to them that maybe that should switch it up a little?  Maybe diet is an issue.  They all read Oxygen magazine while they are on there.  Doesn’t that thing have an article or two about eating some vegetables?   Again, I’m all for people being at the gym.  But it doesn’t need to be an expose of how many rolls your stomach can make.  Furthermore, it isn’t that hot in the gym where you don’t need to wear a shirt!!!!! 

Now that I threw away my bureau I have not clue where to put my clean clothes…..

I read an article in The New Yorker that said some street cart food vendors make well over $100,000 a year. 

Watching the State of the Union.   There is no way he could fix everything in one year. He hasn’t done a great job, but I’ll give him a little more time.  He can’t snap his fingers and make it all better.