Day 28 – Numbers, shoes, fish, work

by agoodnow

Day 28.  4 full weeks.  zero alcoholic beverages consumed.  Approximate number of calories cut from diet: 31,100.  Approximate amount of money saved: $1,100.   Number of miles run: 50 ish.   Number of times that I have passed out on Broadway after a football game: 0.  Number of cabs I have had to take home because I left a bar and was far too drunk to get on any form of public transportation: 0.  Number of pounds lost: 5 as of last week, but I think I’m going to weigh myself again tonight. 

Every time I need a new pair of dress shoes I buy the same pair.  Burgundy, Bostonian Classics.  Though, recently the quality has been lacking.  Only 3 months after getting my latest  pair the heel is wearing thin.  The last pair had a hole in the bottom after only 5 months.  I know this because I was walking to work one day and I cut my foot on a rock that I stepped on.  That and my foot got wet when it rained on the way home that day.   It is time to find a new shoe.  I love the way the Bostonians look, but I can’t have wet, bloody feet.

I am the only person on my side of the office today.  It is quiet.  I wish I had a more social office.  We never do anything together.  There are very few young people and on occasion we go out, but not on any kind of a regular basis.  Some of the older guys talk about the “good old days” where they were always at happy hours, played on company sponsored sports teams, rented shore houses together.  It sounds like the company fostered a real family atmosphere.  Now……..nothing.   Absolutely nothing.  Not even a holiday party. 

I started taking fish oils today.  Yum.

So I’m at GNC yesterday and I ask the guy what a good sports recovery drink would be for awhen I’m done with my runs.  He says “I know just the thing”  He then points me to the 5 hour Energy drinks.  I gave him a blank stare.  But what I’m really thinking is – Yeah, when I’m done running 7 miles I want to sit on my couch and sip on a 5 hour energy drink.  Maybe that will help me get out there and do some wind sprints. Just what I’m looking to do.”  Instead I allow him to continue “Or, you could get some protein.  Amino acids are good for you”  At this point I give up and tell him that he can just ring up my Cliff  Bar.   I went to the Vitamin Shoppe after that and bought my R4 Endurance recovery drink.  The guy there knew what he was talking about.