Doctors, dreams, beards

by agoodnow

Day 29

It’s that time again.  Time for my annual physical.  I hadn’t had a real physical for about 5 years until last November.  After last years physical the doctor told me that it would be in my best interest to stick to an annual check up.  He said to start coming around my birthday every year.  Here I am a mere 5 days away from my birthday.   Time to make sure my heart is still beating, my blood pressure is normal, and my liver has not dissolved.  The last point got me thinking.  My body is the healthiest it has been in a very long time.  It is almost cheating if I see the doctor now.  

The doctor I see is a funny guy.  He gives me a hard time because he invested heavily in my company’s stock and took a bath in the fall of 08′.  He also gave me a high five when I tested negative for all STD’s.  (I’m hoping he does that for all of his patients)

A little cold out this morning.  I had to put on the Under Armour hat. It is always a risk putting it on.  About 5% of the time I take it off and my hair looks like I walked out of an 80’s punk rock music video. 

My beard was functional in keeping my face warm on my walk to the subway.

I need to stop ending my sentences with prepositions.

Dreamt that I was in Atlantic City last night.  I had this feeling that I was going to win and win big.  I saw huge stacks of chips, flashing lights, and free booze.  I think a pilgrimage down there is in order sometime this spring.

Big football game tomorrow.  I can not wait.

Looking for another race to run in May.  If anyone has any suggestions for good races (10k’s, half marathon’s, etc) please let me know.