Day 30

by agoodnow

Windchill of 7 degrees today.  It made for a chilly football game.  It was funny how much different the game is when the weather is under 20 degrees.  The ball is  just a little harder to a catch and it’s a little harder to stay loose.  We managed to play well and win 29-12.     (The final score was 35-12 because we were spotted 6 points because their team did not provide a ref for the game before ours.)  Our defense is playing well and we are moving the ball well.  I got angry for the first time on the field today.  Two people came off the field when we only had one sub and another time our team was just standing around while the other team’s offense got set and we let up a big play.  I shouldn’t get upset by this, but I don’t like being caught off guard.   I should have just called a timeout.

I was going to hit the gym after the game, but I plan on running 9 miles tomorrow so I thought I’d give my knees a break.  I’ll do some stretching tonight, but I’m still 7 weeks away from the half marathon and there is no need to over train.  I’m right on schedule. 

Day 30.  

I feel like I’ve gotten lazy since not drinking.  Not in regard to my motivation, but lazy toward going out.  I go to work, go to the gym, go home, eat, write/read/watch TV, sleep.  Do it over.  It is  a boring routine.  I’m not socializing. Even after my football games I’ve been taking it easy.  If I am going to stay sober I’ve got to get out and be more active.  I think a lot of people are hesitant to call me to go out because they know I’m not drinking.  I appreciate that, but being sober isn’t contagious.  I can still drink a soda water or two. 

I need a new job.  One that I want to get our of bed in the morning to go do.  How the fuck did I end up in a job (at a Fortune 35 company,  with a Director title)  that is a dead-end at the age of 28?   Seriously, what the fuck?

I could go for a Guiness.  Sounds delicious.  Or a carbomb.  That sounds doubly delicious.