Day 31- Running, pizza, NJ

And 9.4 miles later….

Not a bad run today, but I had to convince myself to get out there.  One of those days where I thought to myself “You know, you could do this on the treadmill.  It would still be running and you would stay warm the entire time without wearing 4 layers of clothes.”  But alas, I realized that on March 21 it could be equally cold and there will be no treadmill.  It was 24 degrees outside when I started.  So I layered up and got my ass to the park for some running. 

I felt like I was getting passed a lot, but I also recognized that the people running in the park were “real runners” if they are crazy enough to run in sub freezing temperatures.  

Went to a couple of bars last night.  Zero beverages consumed.  2 drinks spilled on me.  Got home by around 1:30.  All in all, a  fun night.

I have a meeting in New Jersey tomorrow.  I’m pretty much going to say hi to the woman and tell her that her company’s money is in good hands……….”And oh, by the way, why don’t we go ahead and set up a way for your employees to purchase institutionally priced annuity solutions for your current Defined Contribution Plan.”  Yep, that is what I do for a living.

I could go for a pizza.  An entire pizza.  A Hawaiian pizza……….with ziti on it. 

I will watch the Pro Bowl tonight, but only because there is nothing else worth watching on a Sunday night.

Have to respect the old dude running in the park in just a t-shirt.   You could not have paid me to run in a t-shirt today.

I won $5 on a mega millions ticket Friday.  I guess I’m going to have to take baby steps to winning the jackpot.

I have made it an entire month without drinking.  Only 27 days left. 

After I run the half marathon I want to try the P90X DVDs.  I have heard good things.