Day 32

by agoodnow

 February is going to be a great month.   Only 26 days left.

My meeting went well this afternoon.  Of course, being directionally inept, I had a difficult time finding the place.  Luckily I always leave early so I was on time.

It was nice to get behind the wheel.  I never drive so it is fun to beat up a rental car for the afternoon.

I knew I was going to dominate in the meeting today and I did.  Sometimes you just have a feeling that everything will go well.  It did.  I had all the answers and she liked the idea of giving me $9.7 million to make some of her problems go away.  Successful meeting.

To all of the people who think the 9/11 trials should  be held in Manhattan….you don’t live here.  It is a “nice” idea for them to be judged in the city where they caused so much damage, but to shut down lower Manhattan for two years at a cost of tens of millions of dollars (my tax money).    No thanks.  Try them at West Point.  I can just about guarantee the result will be the same, no matter where that trial takes place.    Let’s not even mention the number of terrorists who would just like their chops at the opportunity to reep havoc anywhere near a Manhattan court.   The 6 train is dangerous enough during my morning commute…..

Unless you know what the healthcare bill will do, shut the fuck up.   All that 99.5% of people know they get from rumor, blog, 24 hour news, or talk radio.  Research it yourself or be quiet. Thanks.

Gym today:

Road the bike for 15 miles.  Listened to some gangster rap on the music video channel.  Saw a girl wearing a Hooter’s shirt who did not work at Hooter’s.  Or at least I hope not.   She was a bit scary.  I have a rule:  I should not have to be drunk for the Hooter’s girl to appear hot.  

How I Met Your Mother = brilliant.