Groundhog Day

by agoodnow

Day 33.  Groundhog Day.  A day that should be a national holiday.

A few comments about Groundhog Day.

In many ways being sober is just like Groundhog Day.  I know what to expect everyday.  There isn’t that element of  “I’m just going to go out for a couple of drinks”  and then ending up at some dive bar on the Lower East Side drinking champagne at 3 am.   And then giving it the old “college try” to get to work the next morning. 

We are now in the dead of winter.   It is cold, dark, and my skin is so white that if you catch me in the right light you can see through me.

unfortunately that furry rodent in Punxatony saw his shadow today. Rat bastard should be his name.  Not Phil.

Groundhog Day is one of the under rated movies of all time.

I can not believe I forgot to mention this.  While I was running in the park on Sunday I saw a Great Dane.  Sitting on a bench (hind legs on the bench front legs on the ground).  Wearing a SNUGGIE.  I can’t make this up.   The dog had an enormous Snuggie draped over its body. 

I have Jury Duty tomorrow.  Eh, it could be worse.

Got the new Dove soap for men.  Good stuff.

Read an article about the Dresden bombings during WWII.   If you don’t know much about what happened there, I’d recommend you take a look.  Interesting how history has a way of forgiving the evils committed by the victors.