Birthday, famous midget, jury duty

by agoodnow

What a day.  My first sober birthday in over ten years.  I truly had a wonderful day.  It was eventful.  Let’s recap, shall we….

Wake up:

(Note, this dream must have been caused by my impending trip to the courthouse)

I had a dream that I got pulled over at a DUI checkpoint.  I had been drinking and had an open container in the car.  Before the cop could look into the car I threw the beer (a Bud Light can) out the window.  I passed the field sobriety test and then blew a 0.08 on the breathalyzer.  The cop gave me a break and made me go to bed…..  Where I woke up this morning to:

(No longer a dream at this point)

4 people calling/texting.  25% of them had yet to go to bed.  My little sister told me I am “too old”.  And luckily nobody sang “Happy Birthday”

I had the perfect commute this morning.  No crowds, easy transfers, and no wind on my walk. 

Jury Duty:

The woman who gave us instructions was a very mean woman.  She belittled people, she had the worst rehearsed speech, and she kept repeating herself. 

You know the midget from the movie “In Bruge” and “Elf”    Yep, he was in the jury selection room with me.  I didn’t ask him for his autograph because he always looks so mean in the movies…..well, he looks like an angry little man in person too.   He really looked pissed to be there.  Get over yourself.  You are a bit part midget actor. 

They let 50 people leave at 10 am.  I was not one of them.  I thought I might catch a break seeing how it was my birthday.  No luck.

The courthouse at 60 Centre St. is gorgeous.  I love old buildings. 

Had lunch in Little Italy.    The food was amazing.  The restaurant was calm even with the screams from the kitchen.  And for some reason I felt like I was 10 years old again in the North End.  I will talk more about this in another post.

Jury duty lasted until 4:30.   I have to go back tomorrow for more questions to see if I’ll be on this jury.  I won’t talk about the case because I have no idea what I’m allowed to post about it, but it is a civil case that will last a month. 

I encountered some of the dumbest people to walk the earth today.  It is scary to think that some of these people will determine one’s guilt or innocence.  Or the awarding of millions of dollars to a plaintiff.  Fucking scary. 

Ran a fast 2.1 miles at the gym.

Had a great dinner with two friends.   It meant a lot that they took me out. 

Ok, I wanted to get drunk tonight.  BAD.  I won’t even pull the “Oh, it would have been nice to grab a beer”  or “I just want to have one to celebrate”  Nope, I wanted to get fucked up.  Real drunk.  Slurring words and calling people at midnight telling them how much I love them kind of drunk.  

But alas, I did not. I will wake up tomorrow and sit in a court room, for 7 hours,  without a hangover.  That is just fine with me.

Thank you to everyone who sent texts, called, or left posts on the facebook page.