Day…oh, who even cares anymore.

by agoodnow

Jury Duty is over.  I did not get picked. 

The jury pool I was in had 30 people.  Luckily I was not one of the 10 selected.  It was for a wrongful death suit.  Asbestos.  There are 3 plaintiffs.  Two are dead and one has dementia. That sounds like a real uplifting 4 weeks of testimony.   One of the guys was a blue collar worker, who smoked, and died at 73.  Sounds to me like he did ok. 

On the subway ride home a guy looked at me and said, “Yo, you white.  You know anything about taxes?”  (Hmmmm….I think that was racist.  Just because I am white, automatically I know about taxes?)  He then asked me if I knew how much money he got back for every kid he had (At this point I am biting my hand to keep from laughing).  I keep telling the guy that I don’t do my own taxes and I have no clue.  So then he talks about his uncle who is an MP (he goes on to explain to me how his uncle is in the military police and that as soon as you go into the army you can get arrested)  It was just about my stop so I politely (because I am afraid of this large, unstable man) say good-bye.  Then he tells me to “Spend it wisely” (Not sure where he got that one from)  And then he yells at me not to forget about Haiti.    

Went to dinner with a friend tonight.  David Stern was sitting at the table next to ours.  I wanted to approach him with some ideas I have for getting more white players in the NBA, but he was with his wife so I decided against it.

When I start Goodnow Industries we are operating on a 4 day work week and we are not starting until 9:30 am.   There will also be daily ping pong tournaments, monthly golf tournaments, and in office happy hours.  Please submit your resume to:

I could go for a beer.  Maybe a couple bottles of wine.  Or at least an Advil Fucking PM.

There was a skinny girl at the gym who was only wearing a sports bra.  I wanted to tell her that she was the first girl I have seen at the gym in 2010 who was appropriately not wearing a shirt.  I then realized it would be super creepy if I did that. So I’ll just write about it here.

I have had 3 birthday dinners in a row.  My assumption is people are more likely to take me out to dinner knowing that they will only have to pay for food,  not food + $67  in booze.   It makes sense.

I would really like to get a tan.  I’m pasty white. I have 6 clients in Puerto Rico.  I think it is about time I paid them a visit.