Day 40

Day 40.  I do believe that is the length of lent. Looks like I got a head start.

I woke up this morning and ate a large chocolate chip cookie.  With frosting.  It was leftover from my birthday.  

No coffee today.   Attempting to not get hooked again.  Isn’t caffeine as addictive as heroin?  Or is that nicotine?

Had dinner in Little Italy last night.  There are rats in Little Italy.  Large rats.  In a park going from City Hall to Mulberry St.  there is a rat habitat.  Rat nests everywhere. Rat tunnels everywhere.  Those fucking things are just walking on the sidewalks like pigeons.  I saw two rats chest bump in mid air.   They were the size of a cat.  Very disturbing.   Luckily, I’m such a fat kid that it did not make my meal any less appetizing.

Glad I don’t own a Toyota.  Or their stock.   The folks at Honda, Ford and GM are happy.

Denny’s is giving away a free Grand Slam breakfast until 2 pm today….I’ll pass for the following reasons.  1) The people who are at Denny’s  for a free meal…..I don’t want to be near them. 2) Their commercials during the Superbowl were so awful that I could not support such a thing. 3) I already ate breakfast today.  A good nutritious breakfast of high fiber cereal, Greek Yogurt, and chocolate chip cookie.

We are getting snow tonight.  Which means I will be the only person in my office tomorrow.  I like that for a variety of reasons.  I’ll  get about 3 weeks worth of work done because nobody will be interrupting me.   I will also be able to play loud gangster rap.  Living the dream.

I have always wanted to bench press 300 pounds.  It’s an ego thing.  I think that after I’m done with the half marathon I’ll try to do that.   And then I want to dunk a basketball.   After dunking I want to hang on the rim and point at people.  Just because I think it would look cool.   If I can accomplish those two feats, I’ll die a happy man.

18 short days away from a 23 oz Bud Light.

I plan on running 6 miles tonight. On the treadmill.  Yippie.

Has anyone ever heard a human that sounds like “Tickle Me Elmo”?  It’s funny and makes you cringe at the same time.