It's All Goodnow……

O’Goodnow’s Pub

What if I wanted a completely new career?  What if I quit my job and did something new?  Maybe go back to school.  Maybe work for a small start up.   Maybe start my own business (like I have wanted to do in the past, but never had the nerve to follow through with)

I am young enough where I can still do whatever I want, but old enough where this is about the last chance I have to drop everything and do what makes me happy.  I’m ready to make the move.  

Maybe I could go to work for Dunder Mifflin.  I’d be a great paper salesman.

I have wanted to start my own tour guide company for a while.  I like history.  I like walking.  I like talking to people.  I like keeping people from straggling.   I like cash business.

Or……..I can finally open O’Goodnow’s Pub.  That might be a couple years away.   But one day I will be the proud owner of an Irish Pub……with an English name.

I could enroll at the University of Phoenix.  Maybe Kaplan University.  Perhaps a little Devry Tech…

How about I join a union.  Those work out for people.   Look at the United Auto Workers.  They made out like bandits for a generation while  crippling an entire industry, state (Michigan’s unemployment is nearly 20%), and 3 of the largest US corporations.  

I could become a teacher.  I have a lot of patience.  Love kids.  Would enjoy working in Harlem.

Maybe bartend again.  Cause staying up until 5:30 in the morning, waking up at noon, eating bar food, and drinking at work would be healthy.   Not to mention dealing with drunks.   Well, I like fucking with people so dealing with drunks is fine with me.

I could write a blog for a living…………

This is what happens on Day 42 of sobriety.  You start thinking about life and what you are doing with it (or lack thereof)


In 2009 63.1% of Americans were either “over-weight” or “obese”.  I also learned that obesity is only genetic in about 2% of cases.  Unless someone is diagnosed with an over active thyroid their weight problem is looking at them in the mirror.   63.1% ????  You want to fix healthcare?  Good luck.  It will never happen as long as we take our health for granted.   Our American society continues to look at the quick fix diet plans (that don’t work) and pills to obtain short term results.   I’m not saying I’m “Joe picture of health”, but I’m also not popping pills and washing them down with a beer and chicken wings.   People need to take personal responsibility for their actions.   The best healthcare plan I can think of:

Eat an apple every day

Drink lots of water

Get at least 30 minutes of excercise.  Walk, do some push ups, go for a jog.

Have a salad for lunch with olive oil and vinegar for dressing.

Lay off sugar filled drinks.

Call it the Goodnow common sense diet.

It isn’t hard.  If you did those 5 things for a week, you would lose 2 pounds.   I know this is a rant, but 63.1% ????  Eat a vegetable.  Go for a walk. And oh yeah, stop asking someone else to pay for your healthcare.  Thanks.

I bought some almonds today.  They are Hickory Smoked.  They taste awful.  Just bad.  I may rinse them to get the terrible taste off of them. (20 minutes later: I washed the almonds. They taste much better)

I watched 8 hours of Mad Men last night.  How I am able to function at work today is beyond comprehension.

I would love  to drink in my office.  I suppose I could, but it wouldn’t be much fun hiding it.

Glad I don’t live in DC.  Snow is fun up until a certain point, and then it just because a pain in the ass.  DC is well beyond where the snow became a pain in the ass. 

NYC did a great job of cleaning up the snow.  The walk to work was relatively slush puddle free.

I had to wait 20 minutes for the 6 train because of an “incident” at Harlem 125th St.    I have a friend who is thinking about moving to Harlem.  I vote NO on that one.

I’m on Day 42.  Before I know if I’ll be able to drink again.   I’m going to start drinking Jameson on the rocks….Mad Men style.  While wearing my top hat.