O’Goodnow’s Pub

by agoodnow

What if I wanted a completely new career?  What if I quit my job and did something new?  Maybe go back to school.  Maybe work for a small start up.   Maybe start my own business (like I have wanted to do in the past, but never had the nerve to follow through with)

I am young enough where I can still do whatever I want, but old enough where this is about the last chance I have to drop everything and do what makes me happy.  I’m ready to make the move.  

Maybe I could go to work for Dunder Mifflin.  I’d be a great paper salesman.

I have wanted to start my own tour guide company for a while.  I like history.  I like walking.  I like talking to people.  I like keeping people from straggling.   I like cash business.

Or……..I can finally open O’Goodnow’s Pub.  That might be a couple years away.   But one day I will be the proud owner of an Irish Pub……with an English name.

I could enroll at the University of Phoenix.  Maybe Kaplan University.  Perhaps a little Devry Tech…

How about I join a union.  Those work out for people.   Look at the United Auto Workers.  They made out like bandits for a generation while  crippling an entire industry, state (Michigan’s unemployment is nearly 20%), and 3 of the largest US corporations.  

I could become a teacher.  I have a lot of patience.  Love kids.  Would enjoy working in Harlem.

Maybe bartend again.  Cause staying up until 5:30 in the morning, waking up at noon, eating bar food, and drinking at work would be healthy.   Not to mention dealing with drunks.   Well, I like fucking with people so dealing with drunks is fine with me.

I could write a blog for a living…………

This is what happens on Day 42 of sobriety.  You start thinking about life and what you are doing with it (or lack thereof)