Day 43

by agoodnow

Mad Men or Sopranos?  Not sure which one is better, but I’m a pretty big fan of both of them.

Uneventful commute this morning.  I am very impressed with how well NYC cleaned up the snow.

Will be going to a friends open bar tonight.  Going to pound back a bunch carbonated waters.  Oh yeah…

Football game at noon tomorrow.   I’m hoping that only 60% of the team is hung over for that….although some of them play better with a little booze in the system.

Gotta run a 10 miler at some point this long weekend.   Hoping for mild weather.

When does Season 3 of Mad Men come out on DVD?

I don’t have a vacation planned for this year.   I want to do something new.   I’m going to have to put some thought into it.  Even something small like a golf vacation in Maine for a long weekend.  Maybe that’s what I’ll do.

No coffee this morning.  I had a small headache earlier.  Caffeine is amazingly addictive.

I have begun planning a friend’s bachelor party.  I do believe a destination has been selected….and it’s international.

 Only 2 weekends left where I will not be drinking.  The 27th is within striking distance.

I’m down 10 pounds total since starting this crazy sobriety thing.   My clothes feel loose. The fat under my chin is almost gone.   Still another 10 pounds away from seeing any form of abs, but I’ll take what I’ve got for now.