Day 46 – 10.2 miles

by agoodnow

I’m beat.   For the first time since I have been training for the half marathon my legs felt like rubber when I was done.  I got in 10.2 miles.  Good run, but still very slow.  Running at a 9:25 pace.  Not good.  I did get in a pretty intense workout last night with some leg press, so I’ll chalk it up to muscle fatigue.  Glad I am able to get the mileage.  I will worry about breaking 2 hours on March 21st.

Only 11 days left!!!!!  Today is day 46.  As I was running today, I passed a spot in the park where last summer I had to stop because I was too tired (and hungover).   It made me think a few things:

Not drinking is the only way I have been able to train on a consistent and effective level.

I have wanted to run in a big event like this for a long time.  Glad I finally set my mind to it.

Have I had these same running shoes since last summer?  Wow, I really need a new pair.

It sure was warmer that day….

I think I rationalized not running the whole time because I had football practice later that afternoon. 

I stopped at one of the beverage carts and got a Gatorade.  It was warm and cost $3.   I got pissed.

Snow tonight?  I could care less, but if I’m in DC……I’m going on vacation anywhere warm.

I’m watching the men’s cross country skiing race.  The difference between the guys who finished in the top 10 and those who finished below 25th………….  The guys in the top 10 all collapsed at the finish line.  The guys who finished in the bottom half of the field were out of breath, but just walked away.   It gave me something to think about for running the half marathon. 

I saw the Great Dane wearing the Snuggie and sitting on a park bench again today.  He was drooling this time. 

I have eaten 3 times since my run. 

I just tried to convince a buddy of mine to play a football game by telling him that I would be very sad if I could not see him lay out a  132 pound freshman and then yell “You got jacked up!!!!”  While standing over the half conscious carcass wagging his finger.   I think he’ll try to make it.  He won’t be able to resist the urge to get out there and hit somebody.

I have solid friends.