Day 4,567,281

by agoodnow

Snowing today.  Although, it is wimp snow.

There was a guy running in shorts and a t-shirt in Central Park yesterday.  You may say, “It was 34 degrees, shorts and a t-shirt is not that crazy”  Normally I would agree with you.  However, this gentleman was only wearing shorts and t-shirt.  Notice things that could be missing:

Hat, gloves, socks, sneakers………. 

I have read some articles in Runner’s World (great publication.  I would recommend it to anyone who is trying to get into running) that training barefoot helps your body run to its natural gait because there is no cushion.  It helps with strengthening your stabilizing muscles.  It is a more natural feel.  But running on the pavement in New York City?  Where horse drawn carriages roam.  Where said horses and dogs are constantly defecating.   I’m not a germ- a -phobe, but that is not the venue I would choose to do my barefoot running.  I hope he has an industrial strength foot bath at home.

I saw a homeless guy running the Central Park loop yesterday.  It got me to thinking.  When you see a homeless person walking around….where are they going?  To the spot where panhandling is most lucrative?  Soup kitchen?  To rob people like me?   Scouting out shelters?       

I woke up and felt like a 75 year old man.  One who is in need of a knee and hip replacement.  Apparently my body does not like going more than 10 miles.  I guess that’s too bad for my knees because 13.1 is coming up in 32 days.

I hear lent starts tomorrow.  When I went to Catholic school we always gave something up for 40 days.  It was usually candy or video games.  Something of no substance and inconsequential.  So for lent I am giving up…..nothing.  I am going to try to do something more with my life rather than taking something away………………..I need to start giving something back.   I need to find the right volunteer opportunity.  That’s what I’m doing for lent (although I am the least Catholic person I know) I am going to start volunteering. 

Only 10 days left.