Day 48 -Shows and thoughts

by agoodnow

Last night I went to dinner and a show with two very good friends of mine.  One of them happens to be more like a parental figure.  We had a great Italian meal and then we went to see “Rock of Ages”  What a great show!!!  Light hearted, fun, and the 80’s music was awesome.  Not to mention the plethora of women on stage prancing around in skimpy lingerie.  Outstanding.

Funny story:  We are standing in the hallway during the intermission and my two friends are arguing about when Aerosmith’s first album came out.  So one of them says, “I know who we can ask”   She sends a text message to Steven Tyler’s daughter!   I’m not going to say which one, but you don’t see that every day.  She promptly replied that it was their self titled album in 1973. 


The Olympics are just awesome.  I’m watching everything that is on.  I don’t care if it is curling or figure skating.  I love rooting for Americans.  Speaking of which, could you imagine being a figure skater and messing up in the first 30 seconds.  You then have to skate for another 4 minutes knowing you lost.   That must suck.  I feel bad for them.  Takes a lot to stay out there and keep giving it your all knowing the only thing you are performing for is pride.

I will be going to an event with a 4 hour open bar the weekend before my half marathon.  Want to talk about temptation?  That is going to be a tough one to resist.


I worked late tonight and got home at around 10:30.  I have a meeting with my biggest client tomorrow so I wanted to make sure I was organized.  As I was walking home I thought to myself a few things:

1. This is the best I have felt in years.  I could still lose another 15 pounds, but I really feel great. 

2. This is the best I have looked in years.  My pants fit again.  My face is thinner.   I do not have bags around my eyes.  My skin no longer has the “hungover” look to it.

3. I’m putting things into perspective.  I’ve had some time to think about what I want.  I’m by no means ready for world domination, but I do have a better grip on my own life.

4. I’m going to crush this fucking half marathon.  I don’t care if my lungs explode, I’m breaking 2 hours.

5. I’m sleeping much better.

6. I’m looking forward to drinking, but in a social setting…..where I’ll be with friends and having a good time.  Not drinking because that is the habit I have that month.

I read a great article in New Yorker Magazine about drinking and how we are socialized to the type of drinking we subject ourselves to.