Day 50-Today was a good day

by agoodnow

50.  Not a bad number.  Pretty good mark if you ask me.  Almost 1/7th of a year spent sober. 

Ran 6.6 miles today.  Ran most of it in the park, but then finished by exiting on 5th Ave. at around 88th St.  As I was running down 5th I realized how easy running is when it is on a flat surface.  The park is a brutal.  Much more hilly than one would think. 

The first 8 miles of the half marathon are spent in the park, but then the last 5 miles are flat.  I think I’ll be able to make my best time in those last 5 miles to come in under 2 hours.

Some thoughts:

Shaun White is an extraordinary athlete.  Anyone who thinks otherwise should attempt to get on a snowboard and do a jump or two.  

Here is one that will surprise most people who know me.  Those figure skaters are probably some of the best conditioned humans in the world.  NBC had a spotlight on one of the American athletes and his training regime.  I am mildly ashamed to say that I doubt I could have done half of that workout.  

Speaking of figure skaters, watching those guys skate is like watching a human crumble in front of your eyes.  Every time you see them make a mistake a little more life comes out of them.  You can tell that half of them want to stop skating and just cry right there on the ice, but they keep on skating.

Alright, not to sound like a dick, but who came up with the two man luge…….

One day a guy is thinking to himself, “I love to luge.  I love it so much that I want to do it while another man in skimpy spandex lays his body on top of mine.  That way we can feel the adrenaline rush of racing down an ice ramp at 85 mph together…”    Hey, if that’s you thing……..

Curling = Canadian bowling.  You win this round Canada……

Snowboarding races are insanely fun to watch.  I have never liked snowboarding, but I now have a new respect for it.   Those guys are insane and love what they do.  I bet that makes a lot of them good in the business world as well.

What do you say to your team if you are the women’s head coach of any country that is about to play the Canadian women?  Go out there and have fun?  It’s just a game?  If we keep it to within 12 goals we win (money for people who bet on us……)


I had a great meeting with my largest client yesterday.  Only there was one small issue.  My client made mention of the fact that  there was a strong dislike within their organization for my boss.   They made fun of him for a while.  Was I supposed to stop them?  Ignore them?    It was a little awkward to say the least. 

For the first time in the last two meetings I have had, my pen worked. 

I spent 35 minutes doing my dishes last night.  Yes, it was gross.

My football team will be playing in the playoffs tomorrow.  Of course, we will be short one player and thus I do not expect to win.  But I have a feeling we are going to make it a really good game.

Do me a favor.  The next time you are having a bad day,  Youtube “St. Bernard Puppies”  Go ahead, I defy you not to smile. 

I got new running sneakers today.  

I did not go to work today.

Today was a good day…….