Day – A Lot.

by agoodnow

My last weekend of sobriety (not ever)  It was  a great one.  Not only was it a three day weekend, but the company was awesome. 

Some notes from the weekend:

Went to a bar downtown last night.  The bartenders were surprisingly cool with serving me soda waters all night.  They made fun of me, put extra fruit in the glass, and didn’t charge me.   I tipped them well.

Some guy came up to me and asked if I liked the olympics and if so I must be Canadian.  He kept wanting to shake my hand. He was 50 and bald.  The guy was

a) a complete asshole

b) slow

c) a real d-bag

d)  a & c

I’m going with answer (d).  I finally told the guy to have a nice night.  I can’t imagine what I could have said if I’d been drinking.  The guy was really pissing me off.   Nobody calls Andrew J. Goodnow a Canadian.  NOBODY!!!!

I have a good friend who was at the bar.  He tends not to do so well with the ladies.  Last night he is finally talking to some girl who at first glance would appear to be his type (standing upright, vagina, etc.)  Now of course he would appear to be having a good conversation.  And then, a half hour later he is so drunk that he can’t hold a conversation (a coherent one)  It is a shame.   The kid has potential, but he seems to sabotage himself.  He is his own cockblock. 

Another of my friends was having himself a good time.  He tends to drink Jack and Cokes.  After the 3rd one, his fiance gives him the “Ok, you aren’t too drunk yet, but you will be soon” look.   When he comes back from the bar he brings back another 2  Jack and Cokes (one for him, the other for whoever else wants it.  Which, of course, will be him in 12 minutes) .  She then gives him the “are you fucking kidding me?” look.  So he is having a conversation and then next thing his fiance says is “See, now he is threatening people!!!!”    Ahhhh, I love Jack Daniels.  Bringing families closer since 1882.

It was  a good night at the bar.

There was a guy competing in the bobsled weighing 254 pounds.  That is some real inertia.

Vancouver looks like a great place to visit.  Just not a great place to have the Winter Olympics.

I ran 11.4 miles today.  The first 3 miles were terrible.  After that I felt great.  Ran at a 9:09 pace.  

USA vs. Canada hockey.  Not a huge hockey fan, but this is exciting.

Don’t even want to talk about my football game.  We were down 0-6 at the end of the first half.  Then we broke down.  We played a man down the whole game.   Ended up losing 26-6.  Some days you just don’t have it. 

I’m looking for writing contests to enter.   I would like to be a writer.  Make my own hours.  Work mostly at night. Do something that will bring people a little joy.   It could happen.