Day 55

by agoodnow

Call me paranoid, but I think I’m getting sick.  I got to my office this morning and sneezed twice in a row and then felt my nose running.

Due to the fact that I have training to do, a football game to play, and a life to live I decided to take immediate action.  I ran down to the GNC and got a mega bottle of Echinacea.  The stuff is like an oil change for your immune system.  Popped a couple of those bad boys and we’re good to go.  Just to be safe, I’ll take tonight off from the gym.  Drink some orange juice.  Eat a salad for lunch.  By tomorrow morning I’ll feel like a million and one dollars. 

It’s all about taking immediate action.  With anything in life.

Workout last night was  intense.  I pushed it. 

Small setback: I got on the treadmill and wanted to do a speed workout.  Warm up with a jog and then run 1 mile in 6:40.  Couldn’t do it.  I lasted 3 minutes at a 9.0 pace and that was it.  Showed me that I have been neglecting my speed workouts.  I only have 25 days until the half marathon so I think I’ll try to do 3 speed workouts in that time.  A mile at a sub 7 minute pace.   Throw that in with my weekly 5k run, the weekly 10k run, and my (death march) long run for the week and I can smell that time clock reading 1:59.19…………….

I haven’t done push ups in months, maybe over a year.  So yesterday when I banged out 45 with relative ease I was encouraged. I’d like to be able to do 75 in a row, but for now I’ll worry about running.

Efficient workday.  Got a lot done this morning.

Great commute this morning.  Although, any day that the 6 train doesn’t explode is a decent commute in my opinion.