Day 56- drinking, some dude named Greg, smoking

by agoodnow

Only 48 hours, 33 minutes until I will be enjoying a beer.  Good for me.  I deserve it.

I can not think of a better way to have a beer than with my fraternity brothers after playing football.  I’m as excited to see everyone as I am to drink that beer. (The beer is a close second)

Some thoughts

Weird Thought:

I keep getting text messages from a guy named Greg with a California area code.  I don’t think he gets that I’m not his friend.  I distinctly told him I’m not, but the messages keep coming.  Last week he sent me a picture of a diamond ring (The caption read: Sallie’s Diamond ring).  Not sure who Sallie is or why he was sending a picture of her ring.  Or why the ring was on an Indian man’s finger.  All very confusing.

Today’s text was a bit funnier:

Greg writes:  On this day 29 years ago, God made a beautiful person and friend.  For that I am thankful and hopeful that you have a wonderful day.  Happy Birthday.  –   Greg

Well Greg, that sure was nice of you.  Of course, I’m 28 and my birthday was 22 days ago, but the thought is what counts.   All the same, Greg sounds like a real creep.   I’ll keep stringing this along because his messages are funny and I like fucking with people. 


Deep Thought:

I am a “fan” of the American Lung Association on facebook.  There is usually a daily post on their page about legislation, taxation, or eduction around tobacco.  Today’s was different.  It asked that people share their “How I quit smoking” stories.   Very fascinating what made people stop. 

It took some people cancer, emphysema, or a collapsed lung.  Others saw friends, husbands, wives, parents, siblings, or worse…their children die painful deaths from the effects of smoking.  Some realized that they wanted to be around for their children.  People wanted to “stop feeling gross”.  One woman quit every time she was pregnant and then started up every time.  One woman quit after 33 years and said she felt like she had her life back.

There are two people in my life who smoke heavily.  I hope they both quit before it is too late.   Not just for themselves, but for everyone who depends on them.


Not really a thought at all:

How about this weather?  Crazy huh.  As long as I can get to Delaware  in two days I could care less. 


Not being fat thought:

Took yesterday off from the gym.  I feel good after the rest.    Tonight I have my hour long run on the treadmill.  BORING.   At least I’ll get to watch the Olympics, but I tend to get so into what I’m watching that I would put the odds of me taking a nasty fall at around 72%.