Snow Day 57

What a glorious day.   I did not have to come into the office until late.  Had a few cups of coffee.  Ate a good breakfast.  Got a lot done at work because I am THE ONLY ONE HERE.  I like this.

My only concern with the blizzard hitting NYC is getting to Delaware tomorrow morning. 

One of my facebook friends posted the statement below this morning.   Scary that she is a teacher:

” HER NAME – has been good luck to the NYC school system….since my arrival there has been three snow days. Your welcome!”

Some guy died when he got hit in the head by a falling branch in Central Park.   Glad I ran on the treadmill last night……

Playing football in this weather is going to be awesome.  Falling, sliding, tackling will be easier.  I can not wait.

Only 25 hours until my first beer.  

 People are friendlier when it snows.  People help each other.  Strangers have genuine concern for others well being.  It fascinates me that something as simple as inclimate weather can change the mindset of the entire population.  Funny as it may seem I saw a lot of people smiling, joking with strangers, and laughing at how bad the sidewalks conditions were.   Although, the guy who fell in the slush puddle……..he wasn’t too happy.