Drink, drank, drunk

by agoodnow

Let’s chronicle this weekend:

Saturday morning-

Woke up at 7:30

Drove to Delaware.  

Played football.

Drank beer.

Went to hotel.

Put on shirt and tie.

Went to dinner w/ open bar.  Only drank 2 beers.

Walked to bar.  Drank 5 Red Bull and vodkas.

Ok, here are the detailed notes:

The drive down was fun.  I yelled at my buddy the whole time.  He has an IQ of about 52.  Maybe that is why we get along so well.

I played the worst football game of my life.   I could not throw the ball downfield.  We had no gameplan.  It was misery. 

As for the fact that half of my team was on the sidelines throwing snowballs at one another is a completely different topic.  Most of the undergraduates did not show up on time.  Those who did, really could have cared less about the game.  That pisses me off.  If you make a commitment to do something, show up and do it.  Having kids running around on that field who had no clue what they are doing is a huge annoyance.  Had they showed up on time and cared about the game I would have written them a check.  Because they didn’t, they got nothing.  I’m not going to give money to those guys just for the sake of donating money. 

After the game I went to the bar.  The first beer I had was fine.   It was great to grab a few beers with the guys.    I maybe had 5 beers and then went to the hotel to change before the dinner that night.  My bar tab for 5 beers and 2 slices of pizza: $3.  Yeah, Delaware has some benefits.

The dinner was fine.  I barely drank.  I had more coffees than I did beers. 

I walked to the bar from the banquet.  Delaware is peaceful.  No cabs beeping their horns.  No crosstown bus.

Got to the bar and started drinking red bull and vodkas.  Seeing how that always ends well……………

My ex-girlfriend was bartending (I think she was trying to kill me with vodka)  I had to ask her to stop pouring so much vodka in the  drinks.   She is a mean, evil woman.

Got a Calzone from DP Dough.  It was delicious.

Stumbled back to the hotel.  Peed on a bush. Wrestled someone.  Fell asleep.

Sunday Morning-

Woke up. Glasses were broken (easily fixed).  My friend who I split the room with was not there. 

Went to breakfast – Coffee, milkshake, and mozzerella sticks.  That was what I ordered.

Ride home was brutal.

Got home and slept all day.

Woke up this morning and felt like garbage.

Had a work event tonight with an open bar.  I stuck to ice water.