Free food, 6.75, old

by agoodnow

Day 3……

Who loves day and a half long conferences discussing Pension Risk, pension funding levels, pension marketing, and how interest rates effect a plan sponsors ability to transfer liability to an insurance company???????

At the very least I got fed 4 meals.  In todays economy I’ll talk whatever free food I can get.  I’m trying to look on the bright side of things.

On another positive note, I have suggested several things to management about how conferences/meetings can be run better.  And imagine this……we actually broke out into groups and discussed relevant, current case studies.   I may not be getting credit, but it feels good to know that I’m  right.

I ran 6.75 miles tonight.   I needed to burn the garbage that I ate/drank from the weekend out of my body. 

Ate a salad for dinner.  Took my fish oil. 

I’m going to get a new pair of glasses.  Realize I should have a back up pair.

I should start running in the mornings to get used to what time I’ll have to get up and run for the half marathon.  Even a mile or two just to get my body used to activity (other than my slow paced walk to the subway) in the morning.  Why this race is so early is beyond me.  7:30!!!!  What……the…………fuck????

I could watch “The Office” 24/7. 

We are not playing football this season.  Too many injuries/time commitments.  Bummer.  I must be getting old.