18 Days

by agoodnow

Now I’ll be counting down to the half marathon: 18 days.

What will my next conquest be after running the half marathon?  I think I should come up with something.  Here is a list of things that would be cool to do:

Wrestle an alligator.  First I would want to work on my wrestling skills.

Climb Mount Everest.  First, I would want to take out a larger life insurance policy.

Run a full marathon.  Most likely scenario.

Capture Osama Bin Laden.  Come on, who wouldn’t want to be that guy?  You would never have to pay for another meal for as long as you lived.

Go to a golf resort for a long weekend.   Because I want to break 78 this year. 

Climb Mount Washington.  I did that when I was 11 so I’m not sure how tough that would be, but it would still be fun.

Compete in the Men’s Health Urbanathalon.  That is not until October, but it looks like fun.

Bench press 300 pounds.

Win the Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest.  

Race in the Indy 500.  Hey, all you really need is a car.

Try out for the New England Patriots.  I would be willing to take the league minimum and I would not complain about concussions.

Begin training for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Curling.

Write the great American Screenplay.  Oh, I’m already trying to do that….

I have had several good idea for the renaming of the blog.  Keep them coming.

Found out I had a staff meeting at 9 am when I woke up this morning at 8:15.  Good thing I live so close to work.

No coffee this morning.  No headache. 

Weather is supposed to be 48 and sunny both days this weekend.  Spring is turning the corner.

I need to buy a really bright shirt to run the race so that people can see me coming from miles away.   Thinking bright green or bright red.   Most likely skin tight so I can show off my huge muscles.  (ok, yeah, no that won’t happen)