Bucket List, drinking obligations

by agoodnow

Random Thoughts:

When I was down in Delaware this weekend I felt obligated to drink.  It was like just because I was down there it was expected that I get completely out of control drunk.  Not that I have a problem with getting that way, but it hit me that it took away from really enjoying myself.  My concentration was more on how many red bull and vodkas I could drink and less and on hanging out with my buddies. 

I’m starting a bucket list:

Play Pebble Beach

Go to Oktoberfest

Get blessed by the Pope.  It can’t hurt….

Own a Saint  Bernard AND put cask on his/her neck.

Own a Maine Coon Cat

Hole in one.  On a hole of more than 80 yards.

Run a marathon.

Go to wine country.

Marry someone cool.

Coach a team.

Box someone in a ring.

Own a business.

Go to an NCAA final four.

Go to a World Series game (Red Sox)

Win a Zog Sports football Championship.

Solve an old crime.

Give a best man speech.

Own a Porsche 911 Turbo.

See Eddie Vedder play a solo, acoustic show.

Grow a beard.

Have a son (the whole blood line thing)

Make a full length film. 

Build something.  Be it a cabinet or a house.  Just to prove to myself that I can.

Get published.

Take a bike tour of Ireland.

Play golf at Saint Andrews Royal Golf Course.

Drink a $1,000 bottle of wine.  Just because.

Own a home on the water.

Teach a class.

Tour the Egyptian pyramids.

Take batting practice at Fenway Park.

Drive cross country…….alone.

Go to Wrigley Field.

Make my own beer.

Move to New York City.  Check

Hike the Grand Canyon. Check

That’s good for now.  I’ll add to the list as I come up with things.

Was watching the Civil War documentary by Ken Burns.  What a great series. 

I need to see the Hurt Locker this weekend.  I have heard nothing but good things.  Although it is supposed to be depressing.

Hoboken St. Patty’s Day is this weekend.  Eh, not sure if I’ll be at that one.  I went last year and I have never seen more arguments, crying women, or Jersey trash in one place.  But who knows, maybe I’ll feel like going on an adventure.