Renaming the blog

by agoodnow

Just realized that I am missing out on 4 of the biggest (most fun) drinking days of the year. 

St. Patrick’s Day – also known as amateur day.

The first 2 rounds of the NCAA tournament.   It is pretty much the most fun you can have watching sports.   You typically have some form of irrational vested interest due to filling out a bracket, you root for the underdogs all day, and most of the bars have specials all days long.   How can you beat that?


Baseball has begun.  Teams are playing spring games.  I just want to go to a baseball game.  We are only a month from opening day.  My prediction.  The Red Sox win 146 games this year. The margin for error on that prediction is  50.   I’d be happy with 95 wins.


When I went to the grocery store last night I was only going to buy a bag of salad.  I left with the bag of salad, some Newman’s Own salad dressing, a package of Greek Yogurt, four salmon filets, feta cheese, and a steak.  The thing about working out and not drinking…I’m always hungry.    I have eaten four times today and it is only 11 am.  (although I have managed to avoid the box of doughnuts in my office)

Second day in a row where I have not had coffee in the morning. Mild headache, but I’ll grab some caffeine after lunch and I’ll be fine.  Plan is to cut out caffeine in the mornings until a week before the race and then my body will react better to it on race day.  (notice the easing back into it so I’m not a nutcase on race day)


Need a new cell.  I love having a flip phone because they do not randomly call people, but I need something that texts easier.    Although my phone no longer stays open on its own.   My phone has had a rough life.  It has been a year and a half of hard living.  The drops, the throws, the swims, the people stealing it. 


Additions to my bucket list:

Meet every living US President.


New title for the blog:    It’s All Goodnow…………