Weekend Plans

by agoodnow

Seeing how I will not be drinking (again) this weekend, I thought I would map out what I would like to do.  Sort of a “To Do List”  that I do not have to follow in the least. 

1. Pick up laundry from guys who smoke way too much pot at laundromat. 

2. Pick up new running sneakers at Jack Rabbits.

3. Rewrite opening to my screenplay.  I came up with a hysterical beginning.  Far more original than my previous opening and it does not involve getting the rights to a Black Eyed Peas song.

4. Wake up before 9 am on Saturday and Sunday. (I doubt that will happen)

5. Run 3 miles in the park to break- in new running shoes.

6. NOT go to Hoboken for the most disgusting day of the year, with the drunken morons.

Sidenote: I’m hearing that the police will be cracking down on Hoboken St. Patty’s Day this year.  Yeah, good luck.

7. Cook a steak.  Attempting not to set off any smoke detectors.

8.  Sit down for 2 hours and figure out the best career move.   No TV, no internet, no IPod.  Just sit there and think about what I want to do and how I’m going to do it.   (perhaps I’ll incorporate that into my 12 mile run on Sunday)

9. Talk to volunteer place.  Schedule interview.  Save world.

10.  Run 12 miles on Sunday. 

11. Go to Bed Bath and Beyond……if there is enough time.  (No really, I need Advil and it is cheapest there)

12. Call my Grandparents.

13. Write a blog

14. Cook a huge batch of pasta to eat for the week.

15. Make sure I have a suit pressed for my big adventure to Buffalo next weekend.

16. Finish the last 3 fiction articles in the New Yorker. I am half way through all of them.

Sidenote: I have 14 New Yorker’s strew about my apartment.  I feel like I am reading all of them at one time.  I need to finish them in a more timely manner.

17. Talk to my apartment’s management company about sending me my new lease.   I have never encountered people who do not want to collect money as the people from whom I rent my apartment.

18. Plan a long weekend vacation.  Something near some water.

19. Replace the bulbs in my ceiling lights.

20. vacuum.  A little mopping wouldn’t hurt either.

21. Buy a mop. Maybe a Swiffer.

22. Buy more Olive Oil.  I hear that stuff will keep you alive until you are 107.

Looks like I’ll be busy.  If I get to 12 of the 20 it will be a successful weekend.