What a weekend…..

The first couple of paragraphs are a rant.  The last few are what’s going on in my life.  Enjoy.

Friday night: Jack hammering on my street at midnight.  That lasted for 45 minutes.   Not quite sure what was so important.   Nothing blew up, I had power, had water, no sink holes on 68th St.  A few things that I thought of:

How much did that cost?  To have people doing hazardous work at midnight?  That must be 3x pay.  Multiply that by the one guy jackhammering and then 4 guys drinking coffee and watching him….. You wonder why the city of New York is broke.   Which led me to my next thought….

Look at all of the government agencies that collect money OUTSIDE of the absolutely RIDICULOUS amount of taxes I pay.  DMV, parking tickets (and those fucking people are aggressive.  I once told a “Meter Maid“.  Sir, that car is nowhere near that hydrant.  His response: “yeah, whatever.”  Fucking metermaid d-bag.  I bet that fucker gets a fat pension too), permits for fields, permits to shoot movies/commercials, fines for dickhead criminals, fines for good-natured people who like to speed, fines for peeing when there just isn’t a bathroom around, fines for being drunk in public, fines for cabs beeping their God damned horns (that is a fine that should be issued far more often), fees for registering your dog with the city (that should be far more expensive.  The streets of Manhattan are covered in animal urine and excrement), fees to play in the parks. 

I’m not done…how the fuck does the MTA not have money????  They charge $2.25  per subway, bus, tram ride.  It costs between $8-$10 just to enter the city.  $30 roundtrip New Haven to Grand Central.  Are you joking?  How fucked up is your math that you can’t figure this out.   I would love to see how much of each subway, bus, tram ride goes toward legacy benefits (pensions and healthcare for retired workers).  There has to be a point where people figure out that there just isn’t enough money.  MTA employees can not continue to demand these benefits that are crippling an entire transit system (this holds true for many other government-run entities). The idea that “I worked for 20 years, now I DESERVE to be paid 60% of my final salary for the rest of my life”  is INSANE.  People are living way too long to support such a system.  Think about a cop.  Joins the academy at 22.  Puts in his 20-25 years of service.  Retires.  Gets between 50%-70% of his salary for the rest of his life.  Goes into the private sector at 43-47.  Joins his 401k, maybe there is a pension plan (or a form of one).  After another 20 years he retires from the private sector.  Now he has 2 pensions, a 401k, and government paid benefits.  Most of which are paid by the tax payers.  I have a lot of respect for what cops do (I have a couple of very good friends who are cops), but there is no way that this system can work for another 20 years.  It is too expensive.  Just watch.  This problem is not going to get better.  No way.  You will see the real problems arise once it the Police and Fireman Pension funds start running dry.  Then everyone will go into a rage.  Nobody wants to say “We just can’t afford to pay for these promises we have made”



Ran 5.1 miles.  8:17 pace.  Felt good.  Weather was great.  (Saw my first person running without a shirt on.  Still a little cold for that in my opinion.)   Of course, I was brought back down to earth when I found out that Julie ran a 5 mile race earlier in the day at an 8:08 pace.  I got beat by a girl.  By a lot. 

Went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  Was charged for an extra bottle of Drain-O.  I went back and they refunded my $3.99 plus tax.  They also should have given me money for the 22 minutes I spent walking back down there.  My time is incredibly valuable. 

Every person I heard from who went to Hoboken for the St. Patty’s Day parade said that it just wasn’t as fun this year.  Maybe my friends are getting older and do not like walking through vomit.  Or perhaps the police cracked down on the fun.  Either way, glad I stayed on the island of Manhattan.


Woke up this morning (Sunday) at 8:20.  Went running.  13 miles.  I’m there. I’m ready.  I want to run this fucking race.  Did it in under 2 hours.  1:58.05.   Nicest day of the year (so far).  54 degrees and sunny.  A little too breezy, but I’ll take it over this garbage winter any day. 

I would like to thank the young lady with the ridiculously hot body who was walking around the park in her sports bra.  It was a pleasant view at mile 7.5………..I suppose I have to take the rotund ladies at the gym with the hot ones in the park. 

Ran without my IPod.  Wasn’t as boring as I thought.  There is enough going on in the park that you don’t necessarily need music to keep you occupied.  

If you ride a bike in Central Park please don’t be a dick.  The following things make you a dick:

Yelling at runner’s (it is not your road)

Keeping a whistle in your mouth and blowing it at everyone. No need.  Go around people.

Using an IPod while on your bike.  If you can’t hear the emergency vehicle….. you deserve to get run over.

Wearing your Tour De France outfit.  Nice yellow jersey, Lance.

Biking in the running lane.  Are you just plain simple?

Buzzing by the horse drawn carriages.  I don’t particularly want to see one of those 2 ton horses go ape shit.  So please give them some space to walk.

The energy gel packets are money.  Make running a lot easier.  I’m not sure how distance runners did it without them.   Maybe folks were just tougher in years past.

I deserve a steak tonight.  I’m thinking of going for the Ribeye.