Have you seen my printer?

by agoodnow

Walked to work without a coat for the first time this year.   It is a beautiful day.  (alright, not all the way to work, but to the subway)


There were police stationed at the subway on 68th St. today.  As they are standing around watching people come and go, the guy giving out the free newspapers is engaging all of them in long winded conversation.  I know this because I had to get a new Metrocard and had to listen to his ranting for 40 seconds.   

What I wanted to say to free newspaper handout guy:  Shut the fuck up!!!  Let these people do their job.  Stop distracting them.  Their job is hard enough without you talking about how “everyone thinks New Yorkers are crazy”  Well buddy, you sure help dis spell that myth….   How about you hand me a fucking newspaper and we can all get on with our day. 

What I said: (To police officer)  Good luck and have a great day.


All things considered I feel good today.  Sore from the run, but good.  Not half as tired as I thought I would be.  Might have to do with me falling asleep before midnight. 

Let’s put it this way- I feel better today than I do the day after marathon drinking sessions while watching football from 1 pm – midnight on Sundays.


I will be spending the next couple of hours inputting all of my work activities for the last month into an internal system that tracks our client interaction.  Can  you say big brother? 


They took my printer away today.  Everyone in my office now has to use shared copiers and printers.   An expense initiative no doubt.  On the bright side, my desk has more space.  Downside……..the company can now monitor EVERY single thing that I print from a remote location.   Did I mention the big brother thing?

I feel like Milton in Office Space:   Have you seen my printer?


My company just acquired a huge international Life Insurance Company.  Might be a good opportunity to check out.  Sell some life insurance in Germany…..

Company stock is up today.  My 401 (k) is happy.


Today, it will be 60 degrees in the city =  lunch outside.