2.3 pounds of salad and Spray Painting

by agoodnow

Running in the morning changed my entire day.  I might even say it put me in a better mood.  

I went to the gym at lunch just because I felt the run itself was poor.  Got some time in on the bike and did some rowing.  Gym in the afternoon is a great way to break up the day.   And it gets me away from my desk for an hour…..

Some thoughts/notes from the day:

Grabbed coffee with a friend after work.  A couple of things I like about getting coffee rather than hitting happy hour.

1. I love coffee.  Caffeine is a wonderful thing.  It never fails to make me smile.

2. Cheaper than beer.

3. I can stop after just one.  With beer I usually need at least 5 which then renders me useless for the rest of the night in terms of doing anything truly productive.

4. I have yet to be forcefully removed from a Starbucks……

5. I don’t have to tip the person at Starbucks 25%

6. I don’t have the urge to order 3 appetizers worth 1350 calories while drinking my Pike Roast.

Reasons getting coffee sucks vs. going to a bar

1. Happy hour bartenders are either witty Irish guys or smoking hot chicks showing gratuitous amounts of cleavage.

2. Starbucks employees get health benefits = expensive coffee.

3. No sports

4. It is a coffee-house.    Sitting in one automatically makes me a ___________. (insert your own word here)

5. I’m going to be up until 1 am because of all the caffeine

6. I can’t get drunk at a Starbucks unless I bring my own booze.

7. Did I mention no sports????

8. Nothing is better than a Guinness after a tough day at work.  It would take a life event to convince me otherwise.


Sitting outside of the Starbucks and I mention to my friend that the building we are at is the NFL headquarters.  Not 30 seconds later Roger Godell walks out the door.  I said “Hey Roger” and he gave me the  “Yep, I’m the man”  head nod. 

Sidenote: In the last 2 months I have seen both David Stern and Roger Godell in person.  Maybe that is God’s way of telling me that I should work for a professional sports organization……

Might run the Brooklyn half marathon with my friend.  By with I mean at the same time because I can not run next to another person.  I hate it.  I like doing my own thing. 


I have taken to eating lots of whole wheat pasta. 

The salad I had for lunch today weighed 2.3 pounds.  It took  me 1 hour 45 minutes to finish.  It was the unlimited topping bar.  I got 17 different vegetables, cheeses, and meats.  By the end the guy was just giving me the “Are you fucking serious”  look.  But hey, unlimited means unlimited in my book.  Got to get those vegetables.   Again, I’m the picture of good clean living.


Getting on the subway tonight –  I’m walking down the stairs of the subway station and there is a little kid behind me WITH A FUCKING CAN OF SPRAY PAINT.  And he is walking very slow behind me.  I turn around and I see him put the can of spray paint in his hooded sweatshirt.  He turns around to his friend and says “Yo, this N-word (he did not say N-word, but I’m trying to keep the blog pg-13)  be paranoid”       Little punk kids calling me the N-word and creeping behind me slowly with a can of spray paint make me feel a few things:

1. Safe and secure

2. Good about our youth

3. Less white because I was called the N-word. 

4. Glad that graffiti in the subways is making a return.  We need more culture in the subway stations.

5. Happy my shirt is still blue.

The funny thing about the whole situation is that there were about 8 firefighters on the subway platform and I thought nothing of it.  I was more concerned with some jerk kid covering me in spray paint.


Tomorrow morning I’m going to get my lazy ass up and go for another run.  Just have to do it.